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RF Client Testimonials

Our clients depend on us to help them navigate resources and supports
to proactively manage their condition and return to work or school.

Here is what some of our clients have had to say about their time in
Resource Facilitation and what it has meant to them.
  1. Michael B.
    "Since I was a child I have had some very bad psychological problems, which ultimately led to the motorcycle accident which caused my traumatic brain injury. Before I met Pam Nihizer, my resource facilitator, I didn't have anybody on my side, but she changed all that. Pam guided me towards getting counseling; she helped me with insurance; she set up The ability for me to get some job training; along with many other things. But, most important of all, she has been a friend. Not long ago things look pretty dark, but it is beginning to look like things are going to be OK. There is a lot to be said about having somebody who cares and also has your back."
  2. Timothy A.
    "RHI has gone above an beyond to provide assistance to reach further heights in my rehabilitation.Work at my job has taught me a lot about teamwork, communicating with my fellow co-workers. In all it has been an positive and EXCITING EXPERIENCE! Meeting new people and talking to them. And always putting in joy in what ever I am working on."
  3. Andy H.
    "It has created a greater awareness of what has happened to me and given me the tools and strategies to find my new normal"
  4. Edison M.
    "I'm thankful to vocational rehabilitation for the assistance provided during my recovery, the issue that I needed the most help with was my transportation. Vocational rehab was instrumental to set me up with the correct resource and appointments needed to get assistance transportation. I cannot thank them enough."
  5. Heidi W.
    "RHI and the Resource Facilitation Team has helped me in so many ways. You provided me the tools to help me get stronger. The therapists put me in touch with other specialists I didn't know existed or pertained to me, however they did. Due to what I learned through RHI I am stronger on all ways and I feel and do more than I have since my Brain Aneurysm rupture 2 years ago. Not to mention Resource Facilitation is helping me go back to school to find a new career and a new work chapter in my life."
  6. Jim C.
    "The assistance I received from RHI was instrumental in: 1. increasing a genuine and sustaining positive and legitimate sensitivity with my employer for their willingness for job accommodations, for example, at my request changing my Full-time Status to current PRN status with me as an employee with TBI impact on my ability to perform job responsibilities directly related to my professional clinical performance; 2. RHI evaluation was a major contributor as to why my lawyer was able to secure SSDI award; and 3. transportation assistance per cab vouchers."