Promoting  “best practices”
in brain injury research,
education, resource facilitation and
vocational rehabilitation...

1st Annual
Brain Injury & Resource Facilitation Regional Conference | CENTRAL


Indianapolis | September 19 & 20, 2017

CENTRAL – Day One PowerPoint Presentations
Wednesday, September 19, 2017

Brian Norton, ATP, CEAS; Easterseals Crossroads, IN

Brain Injury 101
Claire Brownson, MA, LMHCA

Lance E. Trexler, PhD, HSPP, FACRM

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Quratulain Khan, PhD, HSPP

Ed Haskins, PhD, HSPP

Adult and Child Health Staff:  Carla Orr, BA; Jane Wiles, BS;
and April Hunt, BS

Thank you for attending the Central Regional Conference in Indianapolis.

We are happy to share links to electronic PDF copies of the PowerPoint presentations given during this two-day event.

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