Promoting  “best practices”
in brain injury research,
education, resource facilitation and
vocational rehabilitation...

Meet the Team

Our Local Support Network Leaders

Local Support Network Leaders provide:
  • Community brain injury education and awareness
  • Identification or private and public resources & services applicable to brain injury (e.g., health & mental health care, rehabilitation, state agency, transportation, employment services)
  • Coordination and partnerships to promote seamless continuum from acute and clinical organizations to vocational and Community-based organizations

  Penny Torma, LSW  
 Wendy Waldman, BSW, CBIST

 Jean Capler, MSW, LCSW 

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Our Resource Facilitators

Resource Facilitators provide brain injury specific education and promote awareness of resources to individuals with a brain injury, to the families, other providers and the community.

They also:
  • Proactively help an individual with brain injury identify, obtain, and navigate needed instrumental (housing, financial assistance, medical care resources, transportation, support groups, social and recreational support, rehabilitation services and more), brain injury specific, community and vocational supports and services specific to the person.
  • Ensure that collaboration, integration, and coordination occurs between providers and community based resources.
  • Provide ongoing support to client throughout vocational placement and 90-day stabilization phases.
 Mary Austin
 Susan Crane, CBIS
 Khadidiatou "Khady" Diop
 Anthony Laffoon
 Karen Marsh
 Amy Miller, MS 
 Pamela Nihiser, CBIS
Thoma "Chrissy" Simpson
 Kira Thomas, BSW  
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Our Neuropsychologists

  1. Dr. Lance Trexler
    Lance Trexler, PhD, HSPP, FACRM
    Clinical Neuropsychologist Executive Director Departments of Rehabilitation Neuropsychology and Resource Facilitation, Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana, Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of PM&R, Indiana University School of Medicine
  2. Dr. Summer Ibarra
    Summer Ibarra, PhD, HSPP
    Clinical Neuropsychologist Associate Director, Department of Resource Facilitation Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana
  3. Dr. Ed Haskins
    Edmund Haskins, PhD, HSPP
    Clinical Neuropsychologist Departments of Neuropsychology and Resource Facilitation Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana
 Dr. Lance E. Trexler
 Dr. Summer L. Ibarra
 Dr. Edmund Haskins 
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Our Support Team for RF Research & Training Center & RF Services

 Claire Brownson, MA, LMHCA 
 Nicole Young, BS 
 Amy Crane, BS  
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