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INBIRTC Seminar: Brain Injury & the Criminal Justice System

Seminar Agenda

Seminar Speakers

Day 1
  1. Peter Bisbecos, JD
Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI)
    Peter Bisbecos, JD Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI)
    Mr. Bisbecos is Director of Market Innovation & Public Policy Counsel for the RHI Department of Resource Facilitation. He began his career as a Marion County Deputy Prosecutor. Since then he has worked on ADA Compliance for the City of Indianapolis, and oversaw disability services at the Family & Social Services Administration.
  2. Lance Trexler, PhD, HSPP
Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI)
    Lance Trexler, PhD, HSPP Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI)
    Dr. Trexler is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Executive Director of the Departments of Rehabilitation Neuropsychology and Resource Facilitation at RHI. Adjunct Clinical Asst. Prof. of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation IU School of Medicine, Adjunct Asst. Prof. of Speech & Hearing Sciences at Indiana University, and Adjunct Asst. Prof. of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University.
  3. Quratulain Khan, PhD
Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI)
    Quratulain Khan, PhD Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI)
    Quratulain Khan, PhD, HSPP is a Clinical Neuropsychologist at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana. Dr. Khan has received extensive training in cognitive rehabilitation for individuals with traumatic brain injury, stroke, and other neurological disorders.
  4. Andy Fogle, JD
    Andy Fogle, JD
    Mr. Fogle is Deputy Prosecutor in the Marion County Indiana Prosecutor’s Office and the Supervisor of the Prosecutor’s Corrections Division. Responsibilities include the supervision of: The Expungement section of the Prosecutor’s office, the Problem Solving Division of the Prosecutor’s office that include the dockets in Behavior Health Court; P.A.I.R. (Psychiatric Assertive Identification and Referral); Drug Treatment Court and Drug Reentry Court and; Veterans Court. • The Post-Conviction Relief section of the Prosecutor’s office Adjunct Professor in Trial Practice at the Indiana University McKinney School of Law
  5. Samantha Backhaus, PhD
Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI)
    Samantha Backhaus, PhD Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI)
    Dr. Backhaus is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and the Associate Director of the RHI Outpatient where she conducts diagnostic work in the area of brain injury, leads the outpatient treatment team in facilitating their rehabilitation care, and provide individual therapy to patients with various types of brain injury.
  6. Claire Brownson, MA, LMHCA
Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI)
    Claire Brownson, MA, LMHCA Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI)
    Claire Brownson, MA, LMHCA is the Coordinator of Training & Education at the RHI Indiana Research & Training Center. Claire facilitates Brain Injury Coping Skills (BICS) groups and organizes educational events for brain injury capacity-building across the state of Indiana.
  7. Lisa Osterman, MA
    Lisa Osterman, MA
    Ms. Osterman is a consultant with Community Solutions, Inc. and has worked in community development and organizational capacity-building for over a decade. Her areas of expertise include community development, family self-sufficiency, youth development, education, and offender re-entry.
  8. Judge David Certo, JD
    Judge David Certo, JD
    Judge Certo serves in Criminal Court 12, where he hears misdemeanor criminal cases and presides over the Indianapolis Veterans Treatment Court. He frequently teaches continuing legal and judicial education classes on mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, and veterans’ issues.
  9. Molly Wright, JD
    Molly Wright, JD
    Ms. Wright is the Division Leader in the Problem Solving Courts. In her role she supervises the mental health courts, drug treatment court, and veterans court. Also, Ms. Wright has been the mental health attorney for the Marion County Public Defender Agency for the past seven years, representing mental health clients and acting as a consultant with attorneys and clients facing mental health issues in the criminal justice system.
  10. Flora Hammond, MD
IU School of Medicine |  RHI
    Flora Hammond, MD IU School of Medicine | RHI
    Dr. Hammond is a board certified physiatrist who is an active clinician, researcher, and administrator. She is professor and Chair of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at IU School of Medicine; Chief of Medical Affairs and Brain Injury Medical Director at the RHI; and project director of the Indiana Traumatic Brain Injury Model System.
  11. Fran Osburn, MS
    Fran Osburn, MS
    Ms. Osburn is Superintendent to the Edinburgh Correctional Facility. Prior to her current position she was Director of Mental Health and Special Populations for the Department of Correction. She is a member of the Traumatic Brain Injury Committee. Ms. Osburn holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Indiana University, and a Master of Science Management Degree from Oakland City University.
Brain Injury 101                                                
Speaker:   Lance Trexler, PhD
This presentation will provide an overview of acquired brain injury, with an emphasis on traumatic brain injury, and ranging from mild to severe injuries.  The presentation will address methods to measure severity, both in the acute and chronic stages, the course of recovery from brain injury, and brain injury as a chronic condition.

Brain Injury and Criminality
Speaker:  Lance Trexler, PhD
This presentation will report on the prevalence of brain injury in the criminal justice system and the types of brain injury that may lead to criminal behavior will be the two main topics of this presentation.

Case Studies
Speaker:  Samantha Backhaus, PhD
This presentation will include a case study describing a person who had a significant legal history who unfortunately suffered a brain injury. The scope of their rehabilitation services will be described.

Screening for Brain injury
Speaker:  Claire Brownson, MA
This presentation will orient participants to the “OSU” and will train them how to screen for brain injury using RHI’s adapted version of Dr. John Corrigan’s invaluable measure: The Ohio State University TBI Identification Method + ABI. Several case studies will be reviewed to maximize training.

Brain Injury and Criminal Justice Panel:  A Legal Perspective        
Panelists: Peter Bisbecos, JD; Judge David Certo, JD; Andy Fogle, JD; Molly Wright, JD
This panel discussion will focus on the legal and practical consequence resulting from the developing science of brain injury identification and rehabilitation.  We know that brain injury is a significant factor in criminal conduct, yet until quite recently diagnosing and treating brain injury in the general population was not on the radar of the legal community.  As that is now changing, it is critically important that we identify the issues resulting from these advances and begin discussions surrounding the appropriate response when a criminal defendant or offender is diagnosed with a previously unrecognized brain injury. 

Medical Aspects of TBI 
Speaker:  Flora Hammond, MD
This presentation will identify medical complications that may interfere with rehabilitation & recovery
Discuss surveillance, prevention, and treatment approaches to prevent secondary complications of TBI. Identify medications that may hinder or facilitate rehabilitation progress and outcome.

Neuropharmacology in Brain Injury
Speaker:  Flora Hammond, MD
This presentation will..... participants will gain knowledge of neurotransmitters functions of cognition, behavior and emotion. Participants will learn the basic principles of neuropharmacologic prescription. Participants will revie0w the research evidence available to support or refute the use of pharmacologic agents in brain injury.

Psychological and Behavioral Aspects of Brain Injury
Speaker:  Lance Trexler, PhD
In this presentation, we will review the most common cognitive disorders that follow from brain injury as well as the psychological and emotional consequences, particularly as related to psychosocial adjustment.

Behavioral Management of Brain Injury               
Speaker:  Quratulain Khan, PhD
In this presentation we will iIdentify barriers to effective behavior management and learn about general behavior approaches and management of specific problem behaviors.

Issues in Post-Release Planning for People with Brain Injury
Speaker:  Lisa Osterman, MA
This presentation will highlight the challenges that returning citizens with BI face as they reintegrate into the community and discuss a pilot initiative in Marion County that seeks to identify methods and resources for connecting reentrants with critical supports and services.

Next Steps in Management of Brain Injury in the Criminal Justice System             
Speakers:  Lance Trexler, PhD & Fran Osburn, MS
This presentatin will discuss the possible next steps in the evolution of managing brain injury in the criminal justice system and participants are encouraged to ask questions or make recommendations for future research, training or policy in the area. 

Day 2